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Increase energy, relieve pain, reduce stress and tension, and heal your body through acupuncture. Acupuncture treatments utilize very thin needles to stimulate specific points of energy in the meridian pathways of the body. This energy, known as Qi, can become stagnant in certain parts of the body, resulting in congestion, pain, and eventually illness. Acupuncture helps release this energy, allowing it to move freely through the body. When energies move freely, the person can experience less pain, improved stamina and immunity, balanced emotions and hormones, and an overall stronger resiliency.

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Did you know that when you are experiencing emotional turmoil your body can become physically sick? Having a healthy mind and being emotionally balanced is essential to having good health. The mind/body connection is extremely strong. Counseling and Psychotherapy can help increase your sense of well-being and produce positive changes in many areas of your life. Our facility offers counseling for individuals of all ages, for couples, families, and groups as well.

Eden Energy Medicine:
Eden Energy Medicine uses muscle response testing, energy exercises, acupressure, and acupuncture to facilitate the body’s energies to a balanced state, physically as well as emotionally. Eden Energy Medicine can help you “evolve” your energies to adapt easier to the changes around you, optimizing your overall health and vitality. Increase your energy, build your health, and balance hormones with Eden Energy Medicine. Start your journey today.

Energy Healing:
Energy Healing can help create an optimal level of health by integrating different aspects of yourself, helping you feel more grounded and supported. Connect with your spiritual self, promote emotional and physical healing, and restore a sense of well-being through energy healing.

Massage Therapy:
Relax your mind and body, overcome mental and physical stress with message therapy. Message therapy can increase blood circulation, relax nerve endings, and sooth muscles and help heal injuries. Our practitioners offer a wide variety of therapies including but not limited to: Swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxation massage.

Skin Care and Aesthetician:
Offering a wide range of facial and skin care services for personal enhancement. Specialties include hot stone, lymphatic drainage massage, firming and toning body wraps, reflexology as well as a wide range of facial and skin enhancement services.

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression:
Break through blocks, release old habits and live your best life! Hypnosis is an ancient tool used for accessing the subconscious or “Wise Mind”. In a relaxed state you can discover your past lives, receive guidance from your higher self and heal yourself both physically and emotionally. Offering private and group sessions, and intuitive workshops. Training available to become a certified hypnotist with our professional 100 hour courses.